Hard Money Lenders Florida


New Wave Loans is a Florida-based licensed hard money lender originating commercial and residential property real estate loans


We pride ourselves in establishing direct relationships with our clients and customizing loan solutions that meet their lending needs.

Our team is available to find the best solution for your financing needs. We offer direct hard money lending — no middlemen, no surprises.

We service our loans in-house. New Wave Loans has a servicing endorsement which allows us to service our own extensive portfolio.

Greatly accelerating the payoff request process and implementing personalized, relationship-based customer service for the life of your loan

in successful transactions in the past four years



As Florida’s Leading Commercial Real Estate Hard Money Lender, New Wave offered a comprehensive asset-based loan to this valued client.



Customer sought private mortgage investors and lenders for ground-up construction. New Wave Loans closed the transaction in record time.



Customer requested Asset-Based Loan Underwriting. Worked with Hard Money Broker to close within 20-day borrower-imposed time limit.

Our Hard Money Loan Programs

1. Fix and Flip Hard Money Loans Florida

If you want to buy and rehab a property and then sell after a few months, fix and flip private money loans may be exactly what you need. We have a custom program designed to cover this situation and offer what you need.

We help real estate investors get the money they need to purchase and renovate properties by offering flip hard money loans for the purchase and rehab expenses, with flexible terms, and a smooth funding process.

The main goal of our fix and flip loans for real estate investors is to help them acquire real estate property and renovate it to modernize and increase market value. This allows them to sell or “flip” the property at a higher price.


Funding Options for Real Estate Investors

Most real estate investors have limited options when seeking conventional funding to actualize their investment projects.

  • Traditional bank loans – real estate investors often face rejections for reasons like deferred maintenance of property, other inferior property conditions, subpar credit scores, insufficient property investment experience, and being foreign nationals
  • FHA funding –fix, and flip projects are excluded in their lending guidelines.

Institutional hard money lenders tend to be the most efficient loan option for house flippers. These loans offer quick funds and offer flexible terms for real estate investors.


Benefits of Our Fix and Flip Loans

  • Competitive loan closing speeds
  • No prepay penalties
  • No ceiling on the number of properties you want to fix and flip
  • Foreign Nationals Welcome
  • Land Loans
  • Construction Loans


Application Process

We have a simple application process, and you only need to fill out the Fix and Flip Loans Short Form, and we’ll contact you to collect the necessary documents to close the deal. Each application gets an independent evaluation to ensure personalized attention and the appropriate solution for your unique situation. We only request the relevant documents to minimize paperwork, since our primary focus is on the property investment, and financing is based on both the ARV and the cost of your property.

2. Commercial Hard Money Loans

Investing in commercial real estate like office space, hospitality or hotel properties, industrial buildings, and condo inventory requires significant funds. If you want a fast and flexible loan product, you should consider a commercial hard money loan.

We offer commercial private hard money funding to individuals in need of financing to quickly close time sensitive or complex investment deals. Our quick approval process and fast turn-around time are geared towards helping you build your portfolio with various commercial properties in different investment classes. Whether you want to focus on office space or industrial space, we can provide the funds you need to make your dreams come true.

Understanding Commercial Hard Money Loans

Hard money commercial loans are private loans used to acquire commercial classes. Unlike a conventional loan, a hard money loan comes with fewer restrictions and more flexibility. If you come across a potentially lucrative investment opportunity and don’t have the time or experience for a bank loan, commercial hard money financing can help you get the money needed to close the deal quickly.

Investors can qualify for funding regardless of their credit scores or nationality. Most asset-based private money lenders funding doesn’t focus on personal liabilities or credit rating when making a lending decision. Florida hard money lenders consider the value of the subject property more than the borrower’s tax return and reported income.


New Wave Commercial hard money loans:

  • Lower upfront fees
  • Asset-based underwriting
  • High speed and flexibility
  • Do not rely on personal income or credit history


3. Rental Property Investment Hard Money Loans

If you’re an investor looking to expand into rental investment, you can benefit from this program. Whether you are a first-time real estate investor or a seasoned professional, a Florida hard money lender can give you access to the funds necessary to invest in rental property.

Most importantly, we support you throughout the investment process and provide solutions that meet your needs. Since the rental loans program is asset-based, we primarily focus on the underlying collateral.

4. Hard Money Loans: Foreign Nationals

It can be difficult for a foreign national to get a loan for real estate investing. We can help you with the complexities involved in securing credit as a foreign national, shortening the timeline to get funded.

Without a US credit history, Social Security Number, or Green Card, foreign national loans can be limited. Non-naturalized residents deserve the opportunity to be considered for real estate financing and we are committed to helping foreign nationals acquire investment property to grow their portfolios.


Our Hard Money Loans in Florida (Portfolio)

We specialize in hard money/ private money/ asset based loans, and we can structure a loan depending on your needs and situation. Our goal is to offer clients the funds they need to purchase real estate property, even when they can’t access the services from traditional lending facilities.

We have years of experience in this industry and have helped hundreds of clients capitalize their real estate projects.


Money Loan Programs

We offer multiple loan programs to provide more opportunities for potential investors. We focus on short-term loan products for real estate investors who need a short term bridge before they can sell or refinance their real estate project. We also offer construction loans, land loans, commercial loans, and hospitality loans with longer terms.


What are Hard Money Loans, and What are They Used For?

A hard money loan (also known as a private loan or private mortgage) is a special type of short-term funding from private lenders that is primarily asset based.  Borrowers with limited experience, low credit scores, or insufficient reported income often have trouble obtaining credit from institutional sources.  These investors often use hard money financing to purchase real estate.

Is the Process Fast?

Our private lending process is simple and fast to help you take advantage of investment opportunities.

Can I Get the Loan If I Have Low Credit Scores?

While good credit scores can improve your rates and leverage, our primary focus is the underlying property. A low credit score will not remove your project from consideration.

Which Programs Do You Offer and How Do I Apply?

We provide various types of real estate backed,  private money loans. Regardless of your needs and situation, we can likely help you find a solution for your real estate investment.

What are normal Fees and Charges?

Various factors determine the exact interest rate, term, and closing fees.  That said, we are well known in the market for offering competitive terms with fast turnaround times.

How Do Hard Money Loans Differ from Traditional Loans?

Traditional loans from a bank or credit union are heavily based on credit scores, reported income, and reported liabilities. Hard Money or Private loans are primarily based on the underlying real property. Hard money financing is fast and flexible, and can accommodate unique circumstances and short timelines.


We seek to make loans of $200,000 or more on commercial assets with material equity build-up and/or potential for production of income. We normally produce a term sheet within 48 hours.


We are a fully licensed lender on purchases and refinancings of residential real estate. Our focus is on second homes and investment properties, a space where we offer competitive rates to quality borrowers.

New Wave Loans funds and retains its loans on its balance sheet. As such, we can be more flexible than competitors who syndicate, sell and/or lever their loans.