Hard Money Lenders Miami FL

Securing the right financing to fund your investment projects can be time consuming, difficult, and sometimes end unsuccessfully.  The process doesn’t have to be such a burden. While there are various funding sources available in the market, most will not fit your unique needs. It is advisable to always compare the different financing options before making a financing decision

New Wave Loans is a Florida-based licensed hard money lender originating commercial and residential property real estate loans


We pride ourselves in establishing direct relationships with our clients and customizing loan solutions that meet their lending needs.

Our team is available to find the best solution for your financing needs. We offer direct hard money lending — no middlemen, no surprises.

We service our loans in-house. New Wave Loans has a servicing endorsement which allows us to service our own extensive portfolio.

Greatly accelerating the payoff request process and implementing personalized, relationship-based customer service for the life of your loan

in successful transactions in the past four years



As Florida’s Leading Commercial Real Estate Hard Money Lender, New Wave offered a comprehensive asset-based loan to this valued client.



Customer sought private mortgage investors and lenders for ground-up construction. New Wave Loans closed the transaction in record time.



Customer requested Asset-Based Loan Underwriting. Worked with Hard Money Broker to close within 20-day borrower-imposed time limit.

Private Loans for Real Estate Investors

Hard money loans aka Private Loans offer real estate investors the convenience, speed, and flexibility they need for the most difficult and time sensitive projects. Whether the investor is purchasing a rental unit, commercial investment property, or vacant land, they should have a reputable hard money lender in their list of contacts. Get in touch with us today to speak with a decision maker about your next real estate investment.

Who are the Best Hard Money Lenders in Miami?

When shopping for a private lender, it is important to research the available options. The best private lenders in Miami all have extensive track records which are all visible on the County Recorder of Deeds website.

Ask your potential lender to show you recent transactions that they have funded and don’t just take their word for it, ask for a link to the recorded documents.

Many companies advertise themselves as Lenders but they are really just brokering deals and adding on fees. Investors should take their time researching potential lenders to make sure they are what they claim to be.

Quick Pre-Approval and Fast Closing

We normally approve applications within 24 to 48 hours and can close the loan within the same week

No Prepayment Penalty

New Wave Loans does not charge any prepayment penalties or minimum earned fees. Pay off your loan early or self-amortize the debt with no penalties.

Competitive Rates and Flexible Terms

Enjoy competitive private rates and low payments with interest-only loan payments

What is a Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan (also known as a private loan or private mortgage) is a special type of short-term funding from private lenders that is primarily asset based.

Borrowers with limited experience, low credit scores, or insufficient reported income often have trouble obtaining credit from institutional sources. These investors often use hard money financing to purchase real estate.

How Can You Get a Hard Money Loan in Miami, FL?

Qualifying for a hard money loan in Miami is simple, provided you choose the right lender and adhere to the loan application procedure. Most seasoned investors will first compare loan rates and Loan-to-Value ratios before choosing a private money lender. They will then check that lender’s references and ask for proof of recent loan closings. This research helps investors find the right lender and loan product, minimizing capital raising stress and maximizing project profit.

When applying for a hard money loan in Miami, Florida, you’ll need to complete some basic paperwork and provide deal related documentation. Borrower identification and organizational documents will be required, but the main emphasis is on the underlying asset value. Your real estate experience and overall financial strength are the other critical factors determining whether you’ll qualify for the hard money loan.

Hard Loan Programs in Miami, Florida

Fix and Flip Loans Miami

Finance your next fix and flip property with New Wave Loans. 

Rental Property Loans Miami

Apply for a rental property loan today and see our competitive rates with interest only payments.

New Construction Loans Miami

New Wave Loans provides aggressive Residential Construction loans and Commercial Construction loans in Miami.

Construction Top Off Loans

Stalled construction projects are notoriously difficult to finance. New Wave Loans has a dedicated construction management staff that understands the complexities of these projects and has the best top-off Construction Loan program in Miami.

Commercial Hard Money Miami

Buy or refinance your commercial property with flexible hard money loans Miami. New Wave Loans deals with all types of Miami Commercial Real Estate including Hospitality Loans, Condo Inventory Loans, Land Loans, and condo association loans.

Condominium Association Loans Miami

New Wave Loans specialized in Condo association loans and HOA Loans. These loans are unique and underserved by today’s alternative lenders. Call now to discuss our products for your association.

Why Are We the Best Private Money Lenders in Miami

With various hard money lenders in Miami, Florida, choosing the best one to work with requires research and due diligence. The best hard money lenders Miami offer customized lending services to suit the unique needs of their clients while still hedging against common risks.

After years of working with different investors and helping them meet their financing needs, we have become adept at understanding the client’ss unique needs and supporting them in their investment projects. Speed, convenience, and flexibility are some of our key attributes.

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Hard money loans have a shorter repayment period, typically 12-36 months. The rates vary from one lender to another but typically range from 7% to 9%
New Wave Loans focuses on underlying real estate collateral and borrower experience. Credit scores are reviewed but are of lesser importance in our underwriting process.
Can foreign nationals qualify for hard money loans?
Yes. New Wave has special hard money loan programs designed for foreign real estate investors. 
Do hard money loans have an origination fee?
Most hard money lenders charge an origination fee as a percentage of the total loan proceeds. This fee ranges from 0.5% to 2% of the loan amount.
Can hard money lenders fund all types of properties in Miami?
Different hard money loan programs are designed for various properties and investors. The property’s value is the key consideration to getting approval for the loan.


We seek to make loans of $200,000 or more on commercial assets with material equity build-up and/or potential for production of income. We normally produce a term sheet within 48 hours.


We are a fully licensed lender on purchases and refinancings of residential real estate. Our focus is on second homes and investment properties, a space where we offer competitive rates to quality borrowers.

New Wave Loans funds and retains its loans on its balance sheet. As such, we can be more flexible than competitors who syndicate, sell and/or lever their loans.