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Securing the right financing to fund your investment projects can be time consuming, difficult, and sometimes end unsuccessfully.  The process doesn’t have to be such a burden. While there are various funding sources available in the market, most will not fit your unique needs. It is advisable to always compare the different financing options before making a financing decision

New Wave Loans is a Florida-based licensed hard money lender originating commercial and residential property real estate loans


We pride ourselves in establishing direct relationships with our clients and customizing loan solutions that meet their lending needs.

Our team is available to find the best solution for your financing needs. We offer direct hard money lending — no middlemen, no surprises.

We service our loans in-house. New Wave Loans has a servicing endorsement which allows us to service our own extensive portfolio.

Greatly accelerating the payoff request process and implementing personalized, relationship-based customer service for the life of your loan

in successful transactions in the past four years



As Florida’s Leading Commercial Real Estate Hard Money Lender, New Wave offered a comprehensive asset-based loan to this valued client.



Customer sought private mortgage investors and lenders for ground-up construction. New Wave Loans closed the transaction in record time.



Customer requested Asset-Based Loan Underwriting. Worked with Hard Money Broker to close within 20-day borrower-imposed time limit.

Hard Money Lender Orlando – New Wave Loans

Getting the money you need quickly and easily is not impossible. Through hard money loans, you can acquire the funds you need for a project. The need for hard money loans increased along with the real estate market’s growth. Compared to other sorts of loans, hard money loans provide a number of benefits. In rare circumstances, where other sorts of loans are just not an option, you should turn to a hard money loan.

Additionally, they are processed more quickly, which is crucial if you want the money right away. It’s critical to get the money quickly when you need it. As a real estate investor, for instance, securing a loan quickly and easily might help you close the deal before your competitors. Furthermore, the loan amount for real estate investors is not determined by the current value of the property. However, it is based on the property’s prospective worth upon the completion of the modifications.

You may feel secure knowing that we will give you the finest private money loan and loan rates available. Our qualified personnel will support you during the entire procedure. So if you are in need of a loan, we got you.

Private Loans for Real Estate Investors

We provide the greatest private money loans available to real estate investors. A private money loan is a form of loan used to purchase and quickly fix up the property in order to turn a profit. The after-repair loan to value, or ARLTV for short, determines how much money you are eligible to get from this loan. In a sense, it relies on the property in question’s after-repair worth. This is quite distinct from typical lending, which frequently applies “as-in” value. A private loan is also processed considerably more quickly than a traditional one. While a private loan can be accepted in as little as a week, a traditional loan approval process might take up to three months.
Experience with our clientele comes first for us. We make sure that everything is done in the most professional way possible, from communication to customer interactions. You may anticipate receiving your loan as quickly as possible since we respect your time and your demands. Additionally, our loan application process is simple to use and will undoubtedly enhance your interaction with us. Last but not least, we will ensure that you, as our client, have a comfortable experience at every turn.

Who Are The Best Hard Money Lenders In Orlando?

When it comes to hard money lenders in Orlando, there are undoubtedly a number of excellent alternatives available. We differ from our competition because of our excellent service and affordable loan rates. Private loans utilized by real estate investors are our area of expertise. Do not worry if it is a fast fix and flip job or a longer commercial one; our team of specialists will assist you in achieving your objectives without any issues. We’ll make sure you receive your loan as soon as you need it. You will receive a loan very quickly thanks to our fast pre-approval and quick closure. Consequently, there is no need for you to wait for a lengthy period. In addition, our private money loans are authorized extremely quickly, allowing you to resume your real estate project right away.

Furthermore, we do not charge late fees, so you can repay your loan earlier than expected without worrying. With this, you have the option of adhering to the payment schedule we provide or, if you are able, paying off your loan early. Finally, we provide our clients with flexible terms and pricing that are competitive. We offer one of the best prices available out there. For us, our customer’s satisfaction and overall experience are essential, and we work hard to maximize both. Having said that, we consider ourselves to be among the top hard money lenders in Orlando, Florida.

What is a Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan is a type of loan that you can acquire from a private hard money lender. When you decide to get a hard money loan, it is usually used for real estate projects where you look to do a fix and flip for a quick profit. In these cases, the collateral that is used for this loan is the real estate in question. They are naturally fast-paced and can help you secure a deal before your competition does. A hard money loan works differently from the conventional types. You borrow money from investors or individuals that are willing to provide you with a loan where the property you want to buy or already have is representing collateral. Before you get a conventional loan, you will have to provide proof that you can repay the debt without any problems. On the other hand, for a hard money loan, it is enough that you have a good credit score or enough income, you are set.

How Can You Get a Hard Money Loan in Orlando, FL?

It’s easier to get a hard money loan than you would think. Hard money loans have fewer restrictions than traditional loans, making them easier to get. You may anticipate receiving your loan quickly after approval. Having said that, you will have to pass several checks before you get a loan. Your home equity, loan-to-value ratio, and ultimately your debt-to-income ratio are a few factors that lenders consider. In order for lenders to decide whether the property qualifies as collateral, you will also need to submit all the information about the property in question.


We have a variety of loan program alternatives in order to create chances for various real estate investors. That being said, short-term loans are our primary area of expertise. In this way, we may assist real estate investors who urgently need more funding. Here are the loan programs we provide if you’re curious and want to learn more about them before you decide to get a loan.

Fix and Flip Hard Money Loans


As we’ve already discussed, real estate investors that want to fix up properties quickly and resell them utilize fix and flip hard money loans. We provide just that. Our fix and flip loans are the best way for you to achieve this as a real estate investor. Our goal is to make investing easier for real estate investors so they can buy properties and flip them for a profit. We do this by offering flexible terms, competitive rates and, most importantly, quick approval.

Commercial Hard Money Loans


If you wish to invest in real estates, such as hotels, industrial buildings, office spaces, and the like, you will need a commercial hard money loan. Making these investments can be quite expensive, and because of that, we are here to help you out with a commercial hard money loan. We will quickly approve your loan so you may purchase the house you’ve had your eye on. This will ensure that you obtain the property you desired. Last but not least, regardless of credit score, any investor can be approved for a commercial loan.

Rental Property Investment Hard Money Loans


A program called rental property investment loans is intended to assist investors who want to begin making rental investments. We’ll make sure you receive the assistance you need to accomplish your objective. As this lending program is asset-based, the underlying collateral will be the main focus. Our goal is to help you start your rental investment journey by providing you with the best rental property loans.

Hard Money Loans: Foreign Nationals


It can be quite difficult for a foreign national to obtain a real estate loan. As a result, this is where we step in. We’ll support you in doing just that. We recognize that you require assistance with challenges like obtaining financing and speeding up the funding process. We think that non-neutralized citizens need to have the chance to get the money they need to buy the desired real estate that would further diversify their assets.

Why Are We The Best Private Money Lenders in Orlando

Anyone can claim to be among the best out there. When it comes to us, we can safely support that claim with our portfolio. We don’t refuse any of our clients when it comes to business. Regardless of whether you are a domestic or international investor, you are an important customer to us, and we will make every effort to secure the financing you require.

Furthermore, you may feel secure knowing that you are in the proper hands thanks to the total transparency of our operation. If you are still hesitant, we advise you to speak with any of our loyal clients who would be happy to share their opinions about us.

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A hard money loan can take a couple of weeks to get approved, but in some cases, it can take less than a week.


Typical terms for hard money loans are that they have a shorter repayment period, about 1 to 3 years, and the rates can be anywhere between 7% and 9%.


Yes, we value the real estate collateral and borrower experience more than anything. We do review the credit score, but it is not a deciding factor.


Yes, there are special programs that we have for foreign nationals.


Yes, there are different programs designed for different properties and investments.


We seek to make loans of $200,000 or more on commercial assets with material equity build-up and/or potential for production of income. We normally produce a term sheet within 48 hours.


We are a fully licensed lender on purchases and refinancings of residential real estate. Our focus is on second homes and investment properties, a space where we offer competitive rates to quality borrowers.

New Wave Loans funds and retains its loans on its balance sheet. As such, we can be more flexible than competitors who syndicate, sell and/or lever their loans.